February 12th, 2010

Settle Carlisle Railway Track Replacement (Video)

Even the most attractive railway routes need some cosmetic care to keep themselves looking good and in shape. This video shows track replacement taking place on the Settle Carlisle railway.

Full Description:

Network Rail workers unload a batch of track panels removed from the Settle to Carlisle railway line during track replacement work on 20/07/2009. The panels are being unloaded at Ribblehead station. The unloading procedure requires co-ordinated movements from the two road-rail cranes, synchronised by the use of the horn.

This video shows how the unloading work is done. It is quicker with teamwork from two smaller machines with custom attachments than it would be with a single larger crane. It is easier to control both ends of each panel and the machines fit more easily within the loading gauge. The two trolleys are on the uphill side of the far crane for safety.

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