Glory Of Steam On The Settle And Carlisle [DVD]

Glory Of Steam On The Settle And Carlisle [DVD]
The Settle & Carlisle Railway soars across the Pennines on lofty viaducts with a mystique unrivalled by any other railway. This DVD is available now from

Today its grandeur recreates the railway’s greatest days – when steam was king. Steam locomotives from the mighty Mallard and the world famous Flying Scotsman, Duchess of Hamilton and Evening Star to the humble Black 5′s still thunder through the mountains and tunnels, over Ribblehead, through Kirkby Stephen and Langwathby, from Settle to Carlisle and back.

This DVD immerses you in the sights and sounds of hard working steam that relive for you the Glory of Steam on the Settle & Carlisle. This documentary features the sights and sounds of steam trains in the region from the companies that served the area in the past, and fascinating interviews with the dedicated present day enthusiasts that keep the some of the lines alive.

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