Settle and Carlisle Railway – Skipton to Carlisle DVD (Driver’s Eye View)

Settle and Carlisle Railway - Skipton to Carlisle DVD Driver’s Eye View: Skipton to Carlisle

Experience the Settle to Carlisle railway with a drivers-eye view of a journey from Skipton to Carlisle.

This DVD takes you on a stunning journey from the comfort of your home, as you take a view from the front of the train as it journeys along this historic railway. The DVD also provide a birds-eye view of some of the fanous structures along the route. The journey begins in Skipton and the view is from a 2 car Sprinter.

This fast service takes us through the restored junction station at Hellifield complete with semaphore signalling.

We join the famous long drag at Settle Junction – 15 miles of almost continuous climb up to Blea Moor.

The 24 arch Ribblehead viaduct is seen from the air as well as from the driver’s cab. Our sprinter disappears into the long tunnels at Blea Moor and Rise Hill while we fly over the top for a surprising view!

The Long Drag is shown almost in real time with Appleby to Carlisle discretely condensed into half an hour.

A unique DVD that will thrill enthusiasts with a unique view of the Settle to Carlisle railway.

The journey is narrated by Geoff Druett who gives information along the route.

Running time: 90 Minutes

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