Skipton to Carlisle Cab Ride 28 – SETTLE & CARLISLE LINE [DVD]

Skipton to Carlisle Cab Ride 28 - SETTLE & CARLISLE LINE [DVD]
This is a fascinating cab ride (driver’s eye view) of the Skipton to Carlisle rail journey.

Recorded on 31st January 1990 is this cab-ride aboard class 47 diesel locomotive 47444 on the 10.45am from Leeds to Carlisle over the scenic Settle & Carlisle route starting at Skipton and taking in Ribblehead and Ais Gill with wrong line working at Long Meg.

Throughout the journey the weather is clear, so you you get a decent view of the track and the surrounding and passing scenery. A light shower of rain occurs at the northern end, on a very interesting section of wrong-line running from Long Meg to Howe and Co’s Sidings.

It is important to note that this DVD has no real commentary – basically you are a passanger in the driver’s cab and the noises that can be heard are locomotive sounds, as well as snippets of conversation from the drivers cabin. It makes for an authentic experience, but you lose out on having an informative commentary. This is definately a film for the enthusiast who knows more about the track than the average person.

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Colour, 136 min DVD

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