If you are planning a trip on the Settle-Carlisle railway then the good news is that the rail service is frequent and regular. To help you plane your trip, you’ll find the latest Leeds-Settle-Appleby-Carlisle Rail Timetable below in a variety of formats, for you to download as a pdf, or simply print-off.

Download the Settle-Carlisle Railway Timetable as a pdf:

  • Download it here in pdf format: Settle-Carlisle Timetable [requires Adobe Acrobat reader - don't worry, most computers have this pre-installed)

If you would rather print off a copy of the timetable the click the images below to enlarge them, and hit 'print'.

Leeds-Settle-Carlisle Timetable (click to enlarge):
Settle Carlisle Timetable

Carlisle-Settle-Leeds Timetable (click to enlarge):
Carlisle Settle Timetable


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