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There are many books available online that you can still get hold of if you want to delve deeper and read more about the rich history of the Settle to Carlilsle railway.

The lure of this iconic railway line and its testament to Victorian engineering has led many authors to document the long and turbulent history of the Settle to Carlisle railway, and we have collected some of our recommended books below that you may want to track down in order to learn more.

History of the Settle to Carlisle Railway

  • “One Hundred Tales of the Settle to Carlisle Railway” by WR Mitchell – Anecdotes, recollections and stories from those who were there. FIND OUT MORE
  • “Thunder in the Mountains: The Men Who Built Ribblehead” by WR Mitchell. Interesting book about the men who built the famous Ribblehead viaduct. FIND OUT MORE
  • “The Settle and Carlisle Line” by David Williams. Decent history book about the S&C line. FIND OUT MORE
  • “Shanty Life on the Settle-Carlisle Railway” by W R Mitchell. Available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

Recent History and the campaign to keep the line open

  • “The Line That Refused To Die The Story Of The Successful Campaign To Save The Settle And Carlisle Railway” by Stan Abbott & Alan Whitehouse – A compelling account of how the Settle & Carlisle line was saved, with an introduction by Michael Palin. Available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com
  • “The Battle for the Settle & Carlisle” by James Towler. Available at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

Line Guides & Maps

  • “Settle – Carlisle Railway: Map and Line Guide (Railway Heritage Map & Guide)” – pretty much the definitive map and line guide you’ll need for the Settle to Carlisle Railway. Available at good prices from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com
  • “Settle to Carlisle: Linking the Stations of the Famous Railway” (Harvey Route Map) – Another essential line guide and map. Available from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

Steam on The Settle to Carlisle

  • “Settle – Carlisle Steam: From Lineside To Footplate” by Howard Routledge. A detailed look at steam operations on the Settle-Carlisle Railway. FIND OUT MORE

Walks and the countryside

  • “Settle to Carlisle: Hill Walk with Return by Classic Train Route” by Hugh Stewart- A new book that details a stunning walk that can be done in combination with a journey on the S&C line. Recommended! FIND OUT MORE


  • “Settle-Carlisle Railway: Pictorial Guide” – A short (16 pages) and very cheap pictorial guide to the Settle to Carlisle railway. A perfect travelling companion. FIND OUT MORE

Also, don’t forget to check out the many DVDs and Prints that are available of the Settle to Carlisle railway


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