The Stations

This is a guide to the stations that are on the route going from Settle to Carlisle. We have provided some detail where possible about each of the stations and all photos can be enlarged by clicking on them. Many of the stations along the S&C line have an interesting history and many have had to fight for their survival in the past – many were closed in the 1970s but were re-opened in the late 1980s.

There are currently 11 active stations on the S&C line where passengers can alight or board the train. In the height of its popularity the S&C line had up to 21 active stations operating.

Settle Junction (closed):

This is the very start of the line but the train station is now closed and very little evidence exists of its existence now. The station only catered for passengers between 1876-1877, it’s rather remote location meant that there was little demand and economic reason to keep the station open. The Settle Junction signal box still survives and be seen on the track or from the nearby road (A65).

Settle Rail StationThe railway station at Settle can be found in the center of this small and pretty market town. The station was opened in 1876 when the rail line was first made operational, and remains open to this day.

The distinctive Gothic Style building is usually open from 9:15am – 6pm. [picture by David Ingham]

Horton in Ribblesdale:
Horton in Ribblesdale Horton in Ribblesdale is a small town that is famously known as being the starting point of the Three Peaks Walk. The station actually lost its passenger service in the 1970s, but later regained it. The station remians open for passenger services to this day.

Train times information for Horton in Ribblesdale station.

ribblehead station Ribblehead station is situated on the very south end of the famous Ribblehead Viaduct and the station has stunning views of the Three Peaks. It has suffered a mixture of fortunes over the years and has come close to closure many times, but it is now kept in a preserved state by the Settle and Carlisle Railway Trust who lease the station.

Train times for Ribblehead station.

Dent Rail Station The station at Dent offer some stunning views of the Yorkshire Dales. It is the highest station on the National Rail network in England.

Dent station, like many others on the Settle-Carlisle route, suffered closure in the 1970s, however it remains open today with regular train services stopping there.

garsdale station Garsdale is a tiny station on the S&C route that was originally known as ‘Hawes Junction & Garsdale’. When the branch line to Hawes was closed in 1964 the name reverted to ‘Garsdale’. It is a remote station surrounded by a small farming community. Garsdale station was notable for having the highest water troughs in the world – trains would be able to gather up fresh water whilst passing through Garsdale without needing to stop.

Kirkby Stephen:

Kirkby Stephen railway station Currently operated by Northern Rail, Kirkby Stephen has a similar and striking Gothic design like many of the stations on the S&C route. Also, like many of the S&C stations, it suffered closure in the 1970s, only to find a fresh lease of life in the 1980s. Kirkby Stephen is the first station in the Eden Valley.

Train times for Kirkby Stephen

appleby station Appleby Station was opened in May 1876 and was formally known as Appleby West. The station serves the town of Appleby-in-Westmorland. Nearby is the Appleby East station – this station was closed in 1962, but remains intact.

Train times for Appleby

[photo by: Wilson Adams]

Langwathby Langwathby startion serves a small village of the same name. It was closed in the 1970s when trains on the S&C line ceased stopping and serving local stations – but it reopened again in the 1980s.

Train times for Langwathby

[Photo: Keith Wright]

Lazonby and Kirkoswald:
Lazonby and Kirkoswald This another small station on the S&C line and it serves the two villages of Kirkoswald and Lazonby. The station is located in the center of Lazonby. It is currently operated by Northern Rail.

Train times for Lazonby and Kirkoswald

[Photo: Chris Upson]

armathwaite station Serving the village of Armathwaite and is currently the last stop on the S&C line before the trains terminate in Carlisle.

Train times for Armathwaite station

[Photo: Clive Warneford]

carlisle station This is the Northern most station on the S&C line and was originally constructed in 1847. The station was then later expanded in size between 1875-1876, with the arrival of the S&C line. To this day Carlisle station remains a busy hub of activity and serves a number of lines for various train operators.

[Photo: Tagishsimon]


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    We would like to travel on the S & C Steam train. How do we go about doing this. We will be staying at ingleton in June. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check out, they usually have a packed program of scheduled excursions that you can book in advance.

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